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Taking Your Business Online


During the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer’s behaviour with regards to purchasing online are changing. We have all embraced social distancing which has caused a mass decrease in brick-and-mortar shopping. Consumers are turning towards online shopping for items they might have otherwise purchased in person.

We, as a society, are changing our spending habits as well as our day to day routines, people are limiting activities with higher risk of exposure to the virus which means their homes have become ‘safe zones’ and the internet has become more relied upon than ever before. E-commerce giants such as Amazon are benefiting from their platforms which have been built upon quick, convenient online purchases delivered to consumer’s doorsteps. Those who rely on traditional ways of retail will struggle in comparison and may even fall into a post-COVID environment. Futuristic consumerism which relies on the internet has always threatened the death of the high street and it has become apparent that the pandemic has contributed to this possibility.

Depending on industry and target market, your responses to the ever-evolving situation must have your customers at the centre of any adaptations to serve them in the best way possible and survive yourselves. One way in which to adapt to the ‘new normal’ is to ensure your business is represented online in a professional way. Having a strong digital footprint will encourage consumers to view your brand as trustworthy and reputable especially if you are an e-commerce business or intent to sell your services through the internet.

business online digital marketing services revolution four

Having a solid digital existence is essential for you to reach out to your target audience; the audience that happens to have their eyes glued to their devices for prolonged periods of time, waiting to come across your brand / product.

Revolution Four are an award-winning digital marketing company that can supply businesses with the support they need to adapt to the current pandemic. We offer website design for those who require an online presence as well as social media management and set up to enhance brand awareness and engagement. Our expert IT team are on hand to help those who are not computer savvy and can even use remote access to solve any technical problems that businesses will often experience when setting up online. Our graphic designers can whip up eye-catching adverts and refine company aesthetics to entice customers in and our marketing gurus can focus on the longevity of campaigns, the effective allocation of marketing budgets and create ‘out of the box’ thinking to tackle problematic areas of any business.

If you’re a business that could use support with getting online then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have bespoke packages for all needs and comprehensive payment plans to take the ease out of heavy upfront costs.


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