The Beauty of Branding for Growing a Business

Branding & Graphic Specialist Justine McLaughlin examines why branding is so important to grow a business.

As a graphic designer by trade I am personally always going to reiterate the importance of brand consistency and outline it being an integral part of a businesses marketing strategy and identity.  Businesses will always have a need to communicate visually and target prospects and customers with intelligent imagery.  Branding for business is essential to get right.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is defined as, ‘the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines or books’.  This definition unfortunately misrepresents the sheer importance of Graphic Design for business identity, value and offerings.   I am not alone in my thinking, Turquoise Creative claim that ‘8% of marketers claim that visuals are integral to successful marketing.’

Branding for Business

As a company we have seen a huge influx of businesses understanding the importance of a brand and willing to pay for a skilled professional Graphic Designer to help develop their business idea into a logo and brand identity from inception rather than ‘throwing something together themselves’. ‘ A logo / brand can make or break a business’ as Deborah Meaden regularly states on the much loved business show, Dragons’ Den.

If we were all honest with ourselves, we have all been in a shop with two identical products  situated next to one another and purely bought based on the aesthetics of a brand. In fact, stats show 85% of consumers will choose to purchase a product over another because it looks nicer, I would argue that we have all done it at some point in our lives.

Social Media

If you take Social Media as a very clear of example of the importance of Graphic Design, Facebook posts with images get 230% more engagement, why because we are drawn to the image, we buy with our eyes and more likely to read the content associated with it and a good graphic stands out from the rest! Need I say more about video and animation, however that has its own relevance dependant on product and content.

Let’s look at Twitter; tweets with images get 150% more retweets than those without! Without paid advertising retweets are extremely important for business growth and to get in front of those eyes that may not follow you or even know of you. (Business’ pay attention: aim to get retweets if you are not using paid advertising for business growth).

Did you know that an average web users attention span is 8 seconds?  Theres a vast majority of us that flick through Instagram and look at an image for a few seconds before moving on, it’s that quick. To capture the attention of someone past this 8 seconds your imagery has to be interesting, engaging and consistent with your brand.


If you don’t know, blogs on websites are really important! Hence why I am writing this one. They should feature key words, topics of interest, snippets of useful information but more importantly, images. Not one, not two but as many as deemed fit for the purpose of the blog. Blog articles with more images get 2x more social media shares than articles with fewer images. You know my thoughts on shares, businesses, these are imperative for business growth and brand awareness! However, your images and graphics need to be relevant, branded, consistent, topical and interesting. If you fail on any of these elements you loose the trust and engagement with the reader and in turn, you don’t achieve the ideal outcome of writing the blog in the first place, images are so important.

We have touched on a few elements of Graphic Design across social media, blogs and logos but what about your shop, your website. Wether it be a brochure website, e-commerce or just a point of reference for people to check you as a business. 94% of users will leave a website immediately if there is poor graphic design. 94%!!! That is nearly all. Within 50 milliseconds visual appeal is assessed, with many customers you have one chance to capture them, if you loose them at the first hurdle its much harder to onboard.

Brand Consistency

Addressing your brand and its consistency across your digital footprint in line with your company, tone and ethos is imperative to not only gain new customers but to retain customers also. A consistent brand is a trustworthy brand so if you are starting out, don’t run past one of the most important elements of business and spend time on your brand.  If you are an established business and unsure of why you are not regaining customers or signing up deals you thought where a no brainer, take a step back, analyze your brand and its consistency and go right back to basics.

As a company we rebranded 3 years into business. A scary move for some it saw a 40% conversion on proposals to 80% with absolutely no pricing or content changes, just a full rebrand.  It was one of the biggest steps as a business we made but also the most affective.

For a full audit on your brand or if you would like to discuss your new business and branding ideas, get in touch with the team today, we would be happy to help.


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