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The Government’s ‘Help To Grow : Digital’ Scheme

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Help to Grow : Digital

The Government have announced a Help To Grow : Digital scheme for eligible businesses in the UK.  Full details are yet to be confirmed but we are expecting an online platform where advice will be given on how technology can be leveraged to boost a business’s performance.

Technology used effectively in a business can drive significant increase in capability and capacity, allow swift expansion, increase customer engagement & satisfaction, benefit staff engagement & communication and help drive the business forward.

The better modern software platforms tend to be straight forward to integrate, allow a business to automate some or all of their workflow, connect & integrate data from multiple sources (accounting, marketing or industry software & apps for example) and can give managers & business owners great insights from management information.

Businesses fitting the government’s criteria will also be able to apply for a voucher entitling them to a 50% government funded subsidy towards approved software, up to a maximum contribution of £5000.

The tech fund will be available on software that help businesses build client relationships and boost sales, take full advantage of ecommerce and manage business accounts & finance digitally.

How does a business apply?

First check your company’s eligibility to apply for the tech fund voucher:

  • Currently aimed at limited companies, so ensure you have your Companies House number.
  • Between 5 and 249 employees
  • Trading more than 12 months
  • Not bought the discounted tech or software previously.

To register your interest initially you can register on the site here.  To speak to our tech experts about what software is available and what is best to help your business, please click here.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak introduces the Help to Grow scheme:


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