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The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Business

Marketing has been changing over the last few years but the pandemic has really catalysed the shift to more online strategies.  The days of sending bulk emails or trying to get through to a decision-maker on the phone, are pretty much finished.  This change has come about by business owners realising the effectiveness of digital marketing together with the additional benefits it provides.

Social media marketing, in all its different forms & platforms, is widely regarded as one of the best forms of advertising, pound for pound in 2020, mainly due to its wide reach, the ability to target specific demographics, the cost and the ability to react quickly.

This summer we’ve welcomed more businesses than ever realising that social media is not simply a case of throwing the odd post up & hoping for the best.  Smart social media management is multi faceted; the content has to be interesting, authentic & engaging.  It needs aiming at potential customers to ensure high conversion rates. Campaigns need analysing and tweaking regularly to ensure the right posts are going out at the optimum times, to the right people, in the target location.

It’s considered somewhat of a dark art, easy to get into, difficult to master.  Like many aspects of business such as accountancy or HR, smart businesses are outsourcing their social media marketing strategies to experts to ensure the greatest return in investment.  Outsourcing campaigns allows business owners to concentrate on their core business.

Build Brand Awareness

Whilst a good social media campaign will drive more sales, it will also increase brand awareness.  Potential future customers will see the branding, perhaps not be ready to purchase, but they will remember the brand, even if only deep down & it does influence their decision in future buying choices.  The more a brand is seen, the more the customer will trust that brand.

We can target specific demographics but naturally many other people will be caught in the net.  The beauty of social media marketing is that you’re not just getting your target market but also a wide reach audience.

Improve Brand Image

Companies who provide consistent (original) content not only build brand trust but also establish themselves as thought leaders or experts in their field.  It can enable a business to be the go-to source for skill in their subject.  Reacting to current affairs within a businesses’ expertise demonstrates their contemporaneous knowledge & involvement within their industry.  

Having a presence across a number of different social media platforms considerably increases a brand’s awareness.  Different platforms have different types of audience and react better to certain types of posts and at certain times.  For example Linkedin is very business orientated & tends to be read during work hours, especially commutes and lunch hours, whereas Instagram is more visual so suits aesthetically pleasing things like animals, cars, people.

Improve Customer Service

Social Media also allows a company to respond very quickly to customer comments; many platform’s apps push notifications to alert when your brand is mentioned, or posts commented upon, meaning you can react immediately.

Social Media can also be used to give tips or advice in your subject, which can help customers use your product or service more effectively.  Even competitors customers searching for assistance will see your brand; great for the next time they wish to purchase.

Generate Website Traffic

Most social media articles will have a call to action, typically directing consumers through to their website or shop (did you find this article from our social media?)  Whilst businesses use social media marketing as a great way to generate additional sales, attracting more visitors to your website by giving away advice, offering inspiration, how to guides, etc has the potential to drive them further down a marketing funnel & convert onto sales.  If nothing else they have interacted with the company, thus increasing brand awareness.

Ultimately marketing, on social media platforms, digital or traditional, is specifically designed to generate sales that would otherwise not have occurred.  The greater the reach to an appropriate audience, with authentic & interesting content, the greater the amount of traffic to a website, thus increasing the number of sales conversions.

Revolution Four have experts in social media marketing, from copywriters & content creation, through graphic designers & animators onto back-end data analysers, headed by marketing strategists to ensure that we become the digital marketing agency of choice.

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