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“The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty” – Winston Churchill


At the beginning of December Revolution Four expanded yet again and launched its podcast arm of the business Rev4 Unplugged. The introduction of Podcasts has been something that all the team have been enthusiastic about doing and something we thought could be done through another business of ours Radio Wirral. Unfortunately with the change in times during COVID and ideas hitting deadlock between directors Revolution Four decided to focus their efforts in house and move forward with podcasts internally completely separating from Radio Wirral to allow them to do their own thing. We of course wish them the best of luck going forward but for that reason, Rev4 Unplugged was launched much quicker than anticipated.

With lockdowns changing directions for many industries we saw peaks and troughs throughout business, departments expanding and some even ceasing. This unexpected chain of events opened the opportunity to moving staff between businesses to really pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and develop areas of the businesses we would never have had the time to do in normal circumstances. This approach allowed us to re-skill 3 members of staff within the podcast and social media elements of Revolution Four and hire a brand new marketing manager to help with work load, not forgetting our brand new Rev4Unplugged mascot Bella. Let us introduce the new members of the team…

Introducing Charlotte Garland – The face of Rev4 Unplugged

The face of Rev4 Unplugged, the voice of the shows. Charlotte came to us from another business when the department closed due to COVID. With an interest and talent in entertainment and dance we thought running another business we had, Radio Wirral, would be an ideal pairing. Unfortunately the ideas of us as a team and the directors didn’t align and we made the executive decision to pull out of the partnership. However, we saw a massive opportunity with Charlotte’s skill to launch Rev4 Unplugged. It is safe to say, Charlotte is perfect for the role and just dipped her toe in the water with the skills she has to offer. We cannot express how excited we are to see her flourish in this role and where it can go!

Introducing Lucia Rudzinski – Marketing Assistant across Revolution Four and Rev4 Unplugged

Lucia has had the most turbulent year running our Recruitment company Lacuna Recruitment which we decided to park during the current climate. Lucia has jumped between roles as a multi skilled individual but finally found a bit of stability as a support for Charlotte launching the Rev4 Unplugged arm of the business. Lucia is proactive, full of enthusiasm and driven member of the team who thrives in anything she puts her hand to, she has been a huge part of getting Rev4 Unplugged to where it is today and we look forward to relaunching Lacuna Recruitment with her in the new year. Thank you for your help everywhere Lucia!

Introducing Lara Harding – Social Media Junior

Lara has joined us from another internal business, a completely different switch in job roles from an account manager within a logistics department to a social media junior. She expressed an interest in social media and marketing and therefore we opened up an opportunity to learn within the social media team. She has come into the department with an open mind and drive to succeed. Still learning but enjoying every element Lara is a pleasure to have on board, full of ideas and enthusiasm, we look forward to seeing what your future entails.

Introducing Kerry Mullin – Marketing Manager

Kerry has a wealth of Digital Marketing knowledge working within a variety of agency roles enabling her to bring an array of new elements to the team, we look forward to all the content marketing and SEO skills she aims to launch within the business in the near future. As the self proclaimed life and soul of a party the team are looking forward to being able to indulge in a drink or two with her when the world turns back to a bit more normality.

Introducing Bella Garland – Rev4 Unplugged Mascot

Our very own Rev4 Unplugged mascot – Bella the Cockerlier which is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, she brings an air of grace to the office with a smile on her face at every turn. She loves the spotlight and watching her mum (Charlotte Garland) performing in-front of the camera. Its a pleasure to have Bella a part of the team and in the office with us!

Take a look at our podcasts, make sure you like, subscribe and let us know if there’s any topics you wish for us to touch upon, or if you are interested in coming on to any of our shows, get in touch today.


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