The Perfect Email Signature of 2020


An email signature doesn’t seem like an important element to consider whilst developing your brand but your signature influences people’s perception of you, in some cases the first impression you may have with a potential client.

Whether you are replying to current clients or potential clients, the consistency of your brand influences trust, communicates what you do, what you stand for and will set you aside from your competition. The way in which your signature is designed is important in today’s day and age when people are using different mail clients and working from a variety of digital devises of varied size.

There is nothing worse than someone who emails you and the signature multiplies in size taking up all your screen, alters to code or is just a static image that isn’t optimised making it illegible on numerous devices. An email signature needs to be optimised, it needs to have clear links to your digital platforms, call to actions allowing people to contact you with ease and even to link you to important news like an offer, award or even a new service.

An email signature should be looked at in collaboration with all marketing materials, remaining consistent, on brand and featuring the most important contact details for you and the business. This doesn’t not include your email, it may sound silly but it is one of the most common mistakes on email signatures. Why would someone need your email address link when you are emailing them from it?

Revolution Four have developed a HTML email signature builder which allows us to build your initial template and then roll out multiple signatures for people / departments for you to load into your mail client efficiently, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly with little hassle to you and your business.

Please see below some dos and don’ts to help you develop the perfect email signature for 2020.


  • Keep it clean and crisp
  • Include business social handles
  • Include your website
  • Make sure you include any mandatory segments
  • Compress any image size
  • Stick to a single font or two
  • Keep all colours consistent with brand
  • Design with mobile in mind


  • Don’t just have one image as your email signature
  • Include your email address
  • Overcrowd your signature with awards and irrelevant information
  • Include huge image file sizes like a headshot
  • Include any GIFs or video content
  • Use multiple fonts or colours
  • Include quotes or mantras; not everyone’s values will align with yours and first impressions count


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