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The Perfect Match


Today marks the start of our ‘The Perfect Match’ Campaign. Unintentionally launching in line with the start of LGBT+ History month so what a better time to highlight that just like in the world of Love, there is a service for everyone.

As we enter the month of love and romance we have decided to feature some of our services as part of our ‘perfect match’ campaign which complement one another to help boost your brand this valentine. Your brand is extremely important, from tone of voice to visual aids. When someone sees your brand across multiple platforms you want them to instantly know what you are about, what your culture is and understand your professionalism.

Each of our services combined go hand in hand, you can’t have a website without content, you can’t have social media without graphics, but it isn’t just the pairing alone which generates this perfect match, it is about the execution and consistency. Across the services the tone of voice must be in the same, nobody wants to work with a brand or purchase from a brand that has mixed messages across their media as their tone of voice is here, there and everywhere. The same goes for branding, it is statistically proven that inconsistency of a brand generates a lack of trust. So, it is important to have all elements working together to deliver the best outcome, build the trust in your brand and in turn grow the business.

So, we understand that all services complement one another as a whole, but there are some services that work well as a pair.

Graphic Design + Social Media

It is no shock that Social Media depends on great graphic design. Great graphics makes advertising much more effective, boosting engagement and improving user experience. But consistency across graphics used throughout social media is imperative. If you look at a social media post solely then yes, that may be an effective post and great for the task it sets out to achieve but without consistency throughout all graphics on your social media you lose trust within your brand. Without consistency, you effectively have no brand.

With shortened attention spans and users engaging with tweets with as little as 140 characters, first impressions are important. When a graphic is used consistently across a variety of platforms it gives the user more chance of seeing the graphic several times over which generates more brand awareness and more chance of someone engaging with your graphic.

While it important that there isn’t too much content on graphics created for social media and instead branding and message big enough to be visible and easily recognisable, if a brand is too large it can turn a customer off, in fact, the smaller the logo, the more trustworthy the brand – albeit not too small to even notice the brand in the first place.

Website Design + Content Writing

We have all heard the saying, Content is king well quite frankly it is, content is not only important to deliver a brand message, ethos and culture but also important for search engine optimisation. Not only is consistency with the tone of voice imperative across all media but the content needs to include specific keywords to help your customers find you across all search engines but read well to portray your brand and its message.

Your website is your shop front and getting people to it is important but converting people whilst there is even more important. There are several factors to think about when generating content for your website:

  • Why? Know the business objectives. Why should someone choose you and your product / service?
  • What? What is the message?
  • Who? Who is the audience?

When generating content for your website these should always be considered, along with incorporating the relevant keywords to help with SEO. Another thing to be aware of when developing content for your website is your brand tone of voice. Not only does it have to be relevant to your audience but It reflects a brands personality and identity. In todays world people buy from people, having an identity on your website is more important than ever before. It should be consistent across all media but adapt according to context. Your website is the first place to structure your tone of voice.

According to Kate Kiefer Lee, content curator at MailChimp, ‘a brand’s tone should vary depending on the emotional state of readers. For example, humour on a welcome page can build likability and loyalty. But in a warning message, it can result in exactly the opposite.’

If you need help with your website get in touch.

Social Media + Content Writing

With so much media online it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle when trying to gain attention from your clients/customers. When trying to achieve your objectives, content on social media allows you to build trust with thought leadership, lead generation, engagement. We are not to forget though that content on social media is the generation of GIFs, videos, blog articles etc. Effective content will help you build long term relationships with your audience.

The best part about the collaboration of content writing and social media is the ability to analyse who and what people are interacting with. Using clever analysis and tweaking content to engage with your audience allows you to narrow down your strategy to understand what works for you as each industry and business varies dramatically.

Although maintaining consistency with tone and personality behind the brand, adapting the content to suit the audience on different profiles to get the best return is imperative for business growth. This can be a bit too much for people when trying to manage their business social channels and for that reason we work alongside them to take all that from them so they can concentrate on what they do best, if you would like some help with your social media find out more here

Photography + Graphic Design

Photography is a key element in design and advertising. Photography captures an emotion and connects your brand with your audience on another level than a graphic would. Photography personalises a brand whether it be a product or an image that portrays emotion. As the old saying states, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Photography is essential to the graphic designer in a variety of ways as images can communicate things graphics cannot. Humans are emotional creatures and we make decisions based on how we feel. As a graphic designer, you should become a master of reaching your audience through emotions and feelings.

You can take your graphic design skills to a new level by adding your own personal photographs. Learning how to take quality images will be easier for you since you’re already in the visual arts industry.

Your photographs and graphic design art will blend together to create eye-catching effects. Not only will you grab the viewer’s attention, but you’ll also convey a message or tell a story. Your photographs will communicate feelings that graphic design alone couldn’t articulate. Do you need help blending your photography into a style consistent with your graphics? Or would like help with photography?

Marketing + Content Writing

With the introduction of Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketing, content has become the most effective way to get your brand into the digital sphere. Consistent, high-quality content is an invaluable way to connect brands with their consumers. Content also improves audience engagement and retention.

If you focus on creating helpful content that people are searching for it has the potential to rank high in Google for more keywords over time. And this generates consistent search traffic growth. Marketing and content writing go hand in hand as the message needs to be delivered consistently across all medium. Copywriting is important because it drives profitability, earns an ROI and achieves your business’ goals by convincing your target customer that your product offering will solve their need and offer them value.

Need help with copywriting across your marketing? Get in touch today.

Perfect Match of business servicesGraphic Design + Animation

Just like Graphic Design and photography go hand in hand, so does Graphic Design and animation, Animation is important because it enables us to tell stories and communicate emotions and ideas in a unique, easy-to-perceive way. Animation has helped connect people throughout the world in a way that sometimes writing and live-action films cannot.

Small additional animated features can change the entire perception of a brand and give a normally static image life. It helps a brand showcase their styling much easier and gives life to a brand. People buy from people so especially in today’s world adding a bit of animation into your marketing can make a huge difference.

Using animation on your website or static pages can also help draw the eye of the user to an element you want them to focus on, whether that be a call to action or just information you need to highlight. Talk to our professionals today who will suggest some small tweaks to your marketing to give it that extra va va voom or produce a bank of animations for you to use across all media.



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