TikTok. Business or Pleasure?

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Justine McLaughlin on how to boss TikTok like a boss

It would be wrong for any other team member to write an article for Rev Four for TikTok other than myself. As an avid fan, a lockdown user and now having two accounts approaching 30k followers, I will own the title of TikTok queen in house!  But how does TikTok relate to a business.

TikTok is favoured by the millions, in fact 689 million of us internationally have joined the TikTok train (3.7 million in the UK) and indulge in watching hours of videos or filming our own transitions or dances for others to enjoy!  Popular for its trends from dancing to lip-syncing, challenges or duets.  Aligned with in-app filters the app combines Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and Live streaming into one slick user friendly app for all ages.

Albeit I would consider myself old on the app, since its inception in the UK the user stats have varied predominantly with it being a dance based app with its challenges and tuition, it has now widened not only its target audience but its users too with the demographic. Currently the stats show that 53% of TikTok users are male and 47% are female.  Roughly 50% of users are under the age of 34 and 32.5% between 10 – 19 all on average spending 52 minutes a day on the app.

Social Media for Marketing

As a digital marketing agency we are always looking into new ways to market and engage with an audience, so in the name of research, I took to the TikTok stage. There have been many business successes through TikTok already, Stella Mccartney, generated 3 million impressions 20k clicks and 8k new followers through their in feed ads directing people to an external link to continue their Stella McCartney journey.   Similarly Benefit cosmetics did a similar thing gaining a 7.7 million reach, 30.6 million video views. TikTok global penetration estimated at 18% of global internet users aged 16-64 .  The potential with the app is huge!

So would TikTok benefit you as a business? In honesty, it’s still a new app and ways to market efficiently within it continue to grow and possibilities are endless. It is obvious it has an impressive reach and engagement so it would be silly to not include it within your video marketing strategy.  TikTok’s unique advantage is that it’s the perfect platform to generate genuine connections with your target audience, the potential to collaborate with influencers and create your very own viral brand challenges can be done; it’s all in reach.  I would recommend testing a variety of styles for your brand on your own page, engage with people on it, ask their opinions and do more of what works. Once you find something that gains traction run with it. It is really important to remain fluid on TikTok.

Video for Business

Vimeo and Tiktok entered a partnership recently, a great collaboration for businesses as Vimeo have generated tools on their platform to make video creation easier on their app which then publish ads directly into TikTok manager, we’re all about an easy life in business so this was a great addition to the TikTok team.  The two companies conducted pre-release tests of the combined capabilities and produced stats to show that click through rates where 50% higher than those of previous campaigns.

So where to start if you are looking at generating a marketing strategy for TikTok

Storytelling is the key, you need to understand as a business what content you are going to create, I feel that if you are starting out peppering styles and approaches is the best way to understand your audience. Develop a challenge, create an educational piece, jump on trends but shoehorn your brand in. Develop your own music for people to then use the audio. See which one takes off, you may be surprised at the interest.

The other thing to consider Is who are you making this content for? and what should your audience take away from your videos?  Keeping this element consistent even if you experiment with styles and delivery will maintain a trustworthy brand voice and tone.

TikTok tips and tricks:

  • The longer you can keep someone watching your video the algorithm pushes you out to more people as it tracks that your video is something of interest or engaging
  • The more people that like and comment on your video when it goes out public benefits the growth as the algorithm sees it as a highly interactive post and pushes it out to more people
  • Do not get disheartened! I think I posted 30 videos before I got my first viral video, it gained 300k views and it was a review of magnetic eyelashes, something I didn’t put a lot of effort into.  You never know what’s going to take off, just keep trying.
  • The more videos the better. TikTok is one of the only apps I say post post post. The more you post consistently, Vimeo suggest 3 videos a week but on a personal profile i’m talking 6 videos a day, the more you will grow. It’s hard work.
  • As soon as you can GO LIVE, lives increase followers and eventually gain you small payments! Remain professional and to your brand. If you want to know more about what to do live, let us know we will be happy to have a chat
  • Once you find your niche, stick with it, a consistent brand is a trustworthy brand – read my blog on ‘One of the biggest steps we made in business, but also the most affective’.

If you want some help on developing your strategy on TikTok get in touch and I would be more than happy to brainstorm some direction for you and your business.


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