Tim Cogley Cardiac Screening Foundation Patroned By Revolution Four

Tim Cogley Cardiac Screening Foundation Patroned by Revolution Four


With so many charities out there doing tonnes of incredible work and making such a difference to people’s lives, why did we choose the Tim Cogley Cardiac Screening Foundation as our adopted charity this year?

Tim was well known in Heswall as a personable, friendly & loveable character; the heart & soul of the community. He worked for us for a brief period helping us with some business development and networking within the community. Tim loved sport & regularly played five-a-side football & was consider to be pretty fit.

It was therefore a dreadful & almost unbelievable shock to wake up to news of his death following a heart attack back in 2017. A tragic event breaking family, friends and the neighbourhood to the core.

To rub salt into the wound, it was found that Tim’s condition, a massive cholesterol blockage of a key artery, could easily have been spotted by a screening process. A screening which is not currently covered for his age group as a matter of course.

The silver lining to this dreadful event comes from Tim’s family. His father, Frank explained. “I have spent my life working with and for young people and we are determined to achieve something positive for them by offering their families a genuine chance of avoiding our family’s tragedy and heartache.”

Tim’s family and friends have rallied together to build a foundation to help raise awareness and provide screening of young people between 18 and 39 on the Wirral.

Building a network of advocates, volunteers and fundraisers together with incredible support from global health screening giant, Random Healthcare, the Foundation has already achieved a great deal in its first year.

So far they have completed a pilot programme of heart & health screening for 400 people, and raised over £20,000.

As the foundation grows so the cause snowballs. From Tesco’s ‘Bags of Help’ & fundraising events across the Wirral, to support from Everton & Tranmere Rovers and even stronger ties with Randox. We have helped with some tech; website, MyDonate page & social media & will continue to do everything in our power to help, support and promote a charity that is incredibly close to our hearts, so that something positive will come out of such an untimely & tragic death.

Keep up to date with the latest fund raising events including a Wirral Black Tie event on Facebook.


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