To continue the celebration of pride month, today we are joined by local talented author Olivia Bratherton-Wilson.

Olivia talks to us about her brand new book The Lives We Left Behind. Set in 1943 the story follows two teenage girls who realise their friendship may run on a deeper level than they thought.

Olivia was inspired to write this book during the first lockdown of the Coronavirus pandemic. Once finding out her GCSE’s had been cancelled, and with all that time on her hands Olivia decided to dedicate each day to writing a new chapter. This book represents how Olivia felt prior to coming out, with being set in a time before being gay was socially accepted and it has allowed Olivia to translate her feelings on to paper.

Not only that, The Lives We Left Behind has made it to number 6 in Amazon’s Lesbian Romance chart. What an incredible achievement! Congratulations to Olivia from all of the team at Rev4 Unplugged.


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