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Unprecedented Days Deserve a Fresh Approach


The planet has caught a virus. We’re shutting it down and then we’re going to reboot it. Unlike a computer, 2020 v2 will look very different. This is the biggest shake up since the war.

We don’t truly know how long this will last or what the long term effects will look like. What we can predict is that there will be a bounce once lockdown is over. Millions will be keen to access products and services that have been restricted for weeks; hairdressers, beauty salons, pubs, restaurants, cinema and so many more.

Out of Chaos Comes Opportunity

Some of these businesses unfortunately will not make it. Many names, large and small, have gone bust and many more will yet follow. The situation may seem frustrating, like there’s nothing much a business can do. However, we’re here to help and talk about solutions. The main opportunity a business can seize right now is ensuring their name and brand is in front of their target audience.

Social media is an excellent form of marketing if done right, and at the moment we’re seeing exponential increases in traffic to many of the accounts we manage, in some cases over 300% increase. This is due to people staying at home and using social platforms a lot more than if they were at work. Free to use this is an effective form of marketing but make sure you get it right and follow best practice guide lines. It’s not just about posting pretty pictures, the back-end analytics will help you measure, tweak, monitor and manage your account. Or to put it into marketers terms, ensures a decent return on investment. You can learn more here.

Radio has made a massive resurgence during lockdown. Similar to social media people are listening to radio more, whilst working from home or sitting in the garden. Radio Wirral broadcast to the Wirral and surrounding areas, to around half a million residents, together with online around the globe. They have a try-before-you-buy offer on right now for Wirral businesses of two months free; surely worth a punt.

Bespoke Lockdown Emergence Strategies

Every business is different so a marketing strategy needs to appreciate the ethos and culture of the firm, have a comprehensive understanding of their product and have a clear target customer demographic.

Nik and Justine take a unique and bespoke approach with the clients they partner with to ensure marketing strategies deliver. 

They are currently available to have video conference meetings with businesses who are keen to ride the post-lockdown wave successfully. Contact us to arrange a no obligation chat.

Other Lockdown Resources

  • Free month trial of automated workflow platform, Swiftcase. Ideal for remote working and businesses keen to reduce the repetitive administration tasks, increase efficiency and accountability
  • Tips for home working
  • Our ambassador scheme

Stay safe everyone and stay home.


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