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Updating Your Website | 3 Reasons Which Will Maximise Its Potential

Updating your website and keeping it current, is vital in retaining a business image which is relevant, active and available to support the needs of its target audience. It is your key to maximising it’s potential.

In this post we shall discuss 3 reasons why your website might not be performing to your expectations, and meeting the requirements of it’s users:

1. The Content Needs Updating

Although there’s lots of talk about how ‘content is king’, it is surprising how few businesses take the time to review and update their content on a regular basis. Fresh, relevant content is a big hit with Google, so it’s worth regularly checking to make sure it’s accurate and chimes in with the ‘voice’ of your brand. It doesn’t have to be complicated – just keep the site updated with new services, special offers, great reviews and stories about your team or how you’ve recently solved a problem for a customer.

Try to see your pages from your customer’s point of view, so rather than a series of statements “We were founded in 2012 and offer insurance services to small businesses”, talk about what you can do to solve problems your customers are facing and how you can make their lives easier.

The best websites are now built with a straightforward content management system, making updating both copy and images quick and easy, so if yours doesn’t have that capability, now may be a good time to invest.

2. Visitors Can’t Find What They Need

Have you really thought long and hard about what your existing or potential customers are looking for when they land on your site?

Google Analytics can help to establish what search terms customers are using to find you, and how they navigate your site once they’ve landed.

Once you know the key services or information customers are trying to access, make it easy for them to find with clear navigation, concise copy and a minimum of repetition – all topped off with strong calls to action (Call now on… or Make an enquiry etc.)

There’s plenty of new data giving insights into how today’s consumers navigate the web, so it makes sense to create a site that allows them to browse the way they want to!

3. Your Customer Profile Doesn’t Match Your Website

Maybe you offer services which appeal to a broad variety of customers or perhaps your services have evolved since you last updated your website. Have a good long look at what type of person is buying what service from you. If it helps give each type of customer a persona (name, lifestyle, personality), and make sure the look and feel the pages they are most likely to access are appealing to that persona.

If you’re a plumber for example, are more customers searching more for emergency plumbing services or looking for bathroom installations? If it’s an emergency they need a big bold mobile number to call and a clear explanation of the callout charges, with minimal imagery to distract them when there’s water pouring through the ceiling! A bathroom installation, however, is a big ticket item. Pages could therefore contain an inspirational look book, advice on how to start planning their dream bathroom, and lots of testimonials so they can browse at their leisure, plus a much more detailed enquiry form.

If any of the three reasons above ring a bell, then why not give Revolution Four a call? We create beautiful, functional websites, tailored to your needs and without costing the earth. What’s more, you can spread your payments across the year, so it won’t interfere with your cash flow.


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