Wait, It’s Not Finished!


Our web development team at Revolution Four have spent some of lockdown building a new website, relatively undisturbed by the current situation. Provided they have a laptop with an internet connection, they could work on the top of a mountain, or on a beach (Nik and Justine liked doing that pre-Corona anyway!).

The marketing and social media teams had to jump straight into action when lockdown hit, to think up and implement new approaches and strategies. Websites may need information adding about how that business is dealing and operating during lockdown, but otherwise they don’t really need to change much.

For the web development team client work still came in, albeit slower as they’ve found it harder to get content and direction from companies with furloughed workers. So what better time to take a completely fresh look at their own website? A chance to use some new tech, fresh graphics and animations, make it more user friendly, give clients more information, offer authentic help and advice. Give it a bit of pizazz!

Excellence Not Perfection

One of the biggest differences between technology and traditional products is their completeness. Traditional stuff needs to be 100% right, finished, checked before it’s released. A book has to be proofread, spelling and grammar checked, alignment, everything needs to be right before pressing go on the printer. With technology it’s almost the opposite; when you buy a shiny brand new phone, it’s the worst version of it you’ll own. Sometimes straight out of the box it needs updating. This makes it just a little bit better. A year on and the phone will have had its operating system updated and countless upgrades to apps. Much better than the phone you bought a year ago.

Nik and Justine attended a Google training session a few years back, where their techies were discussing beta releases. A beta product is more or less finished but needs tweaking or debugging to make it fully usable. Google said that they release at beta when they’re about 80% finished. Their thought process was this; no matter how smart they are, no matter how much thought they’ve put into something, there’s nothing like the rest of the world telling them what’s not working, what could be better, what else is needed. The collective knowledge and testing of the global community, tests, breaks, makes suggestions for them, free of charge. The product is upgraded for a win win situation.

The New Revolution Four Website

Well we think we’ve made a really beautiful, fast and responsive website. We’re especially pleased with the animated icons, the copy has come from our hearts, graphic design is on point and even the dogs managed to find a place on there. This is our best website yet, compliant and friendly with contemporary search engine requirements, adapting to any device, something we’re really proud of.

So take a look at it. It’s the worst you’ll see it, as we continue to improve, tweak and adapt the site. Not just over the next couple of weeks but right up until we build the next one. Like a phone, we will upgrade this as technology, gadgets and techniques become available to us.

Do you like it or not? Anything you don’t like, troll us – we’d honestly love to hear from you. If you do like it, thank you. We’d be grateful if you could tell your friends.

If you’d like a website as awesome as ours, a similar, five page version starts at £1k + VAT and, provided we’ve got your information and content, can be up and running in about two weeks. Find out more on our website design page.


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