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Website + Digital Marketing = Perfect Match

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Think about where your nearest McDonalds is situated. Is it hidden down a back street or in a prominent & obvious position? The vast majority of successful high street businesses are highly visible in great spots with plenty of surrounding traffic (wheels & feet). There would be no point making the most amazing burgers if nobody tried them simply because they couldn’t find the restaurant.

A website is similar. The best looking and performing site is irrelevant unless it can be seen. The high street has obvious prime sites whereas on the internet it is predominately about making your position prominent, and directing traffic to your site. The art of digital marketing.

Digital marketing’s ultimate role is to ensure that your wares are shown to people who will be genuinely interested in them and may buy from you. On the high street a brand will advertise their products to everyone, irrespective of their demographic, irrespective of whether they will buy from them. This scattergun approach has been used for years across many media but in today’s world we have the ability to prospect only people who will be interested in hearing from us. There is no point offering a cyclist a steering wheel; they will never buy one. You may even turn them off your brand by offering items they have no interest in. Offer them handlebars and you’re in with a chance.

This is one of the biggest advantages of digital marketing, being able to refine your audience, so your products are put in front of potential purchasers. Search engines evolve regularly in how they search because they are keen to provide accurate answers to the user’s input. This means weeding out sites which are irrelevant, taking the user to genuinely useful options. They’re after current and authentic sites, not ones that are designed to entrap users based on overused keywords. In years gone by people would flood websites with keywords & phrases & it worked, but times have changed considerably and search engine’s algorithms are now highly sophisticated to give the end user the best possible experience.

Part of digital marketing is to ensure that a website is relevant, has authoritative & reliable content. It must be kept up to date and optimised to ensure search engines consider showing it high in their results. There are a myriad of items that must be attended to to ensure a website is search engine friendly. Google will send bots to ‘crawl’ a website, not just its content but headings, page titles, images & their data and much more besides. When you search Google you search their index not the entire net.

The above is predominantly assuming organic searches but we can also enhance these with paid search techniques such as Google Ads, social media campaigns and many other techniques.

As digital marketing experts, we are constantly learning how the ever evolving Google algorithms work & how to get the very best out of a website. It’s very clear that a website and digital marketing go hand in hand, so we wholeheartedly recommend reserving a percentage of your website budget to put towards marketing. Just like McDonalds spend some cash on those huge golden arches signs!

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