What is your leadership style? And does gender influence this?


My leadership style reflects that of someone who loves what she does and wants to get things done. I don’t hold grudges, I address issues head on and deal with situations as they arise. I try to inspire my staff however I believe if you recruit correctly their passion will inspire them to want to do better in their position and I am there to try to structure their day to provide them opportunities to do just that.

I would consider myself to be decisive, clear and direct. It is not in my nature to dwell on the past, instead I always aim to think of the bigger picture, open to opportunities not just for myself but for others around me. Life is about grasping opportunities with both hands and enjoying the journey.

I am lucky enough to work alongside my best friend, opposites in many ways but we think almost identically. The main difference being he is male and I’m female. I struggle to comprehend discussions today that orientate themselves around male and female styles being different because of Gender. In my opinion stereotyping styles based on Gender is not allowing us to move on as a society, recognising that we should be acknowledged equal, how is it still acceptable to have gender differences at the forefront of a conversation over styles of leadership.

I feel that the biggest influence in my leadership style is the outcome. If myself and my business partner have the same outcome at the forefront of our mind, surely the way in which we get there albeit may be different but the differences would be due to the past environments, cultures and how I have been led previously, not based on my gender?

Justine Mclaughlin

Reproduced with kind permission by Modern Law Magazine.


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