Google DIgital Garage

Whilst our cars are stuck in the garage, we visited Google’s Digital Garage.


How Google Search Works

With around three quarters of searching carried out by Google online, it is not only the world’s biggest search engine, but also knows a thing or two about digital marketing.

Google has sophisticated algorithms designed with the user in mind. They want to provide an authentic experience for the user by understanding their intent and suggesting the most useful and current websites.

As a marketing agency, digital or online strategy forms a large chunk of our projects, so it’s important for us to understand how to achieve the best from search engines, websites, analytics, e-commerce and online marketing.

Upgrading Our Digital Marketing Knowledge

Nik Ellis Justine McLaughlin at Google Digital GarageCouple of months before lockdown, Justine and I attended Google’s Digital Garage in London for an introduction into their course. Having really engaged with what they were saying we saw this unprecedented time in our history as an ideal opportunity to take advantage of their online course.

After several days of a mix of video and written learning we took our final exams and are pleased to say that we both passed. The course is accredited by The Open University and the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe so we even got certificates! However, more than this, we felt that lockdown, whilst having many disadvantages, proved that a little extra time can be put to good use learning new skills. We took a great deal away from the course and can recommend checking out the range of courses that Google and others provide and take advantage of this time at home to upgrade your knowledge.

Find out more about Google’s online courses here

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