Why is brand identity important?


Standing out from the crowd is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses. Technology moves fast. The marketplace is crowded, both physically and digitally. Consumers are empowered – and extremely impatient!

That’s why brand identity is more important than ever. If you can elevate people’s perceptions of what you’re offering with a recognisable and relatable identity, then you have the power to differentiate your business in a meaningful way.

In this article, we’re filling you in on why brand identity should matter to you – no matter your size or sector.

Gives your brand character

Brand identity tells the story behind your company’s vision and values.

It is a visual representation tool that presents your brand’s personality to the world with a specific voice, tone and style.

This is even more critical for small businesses because the founder is often the face of the company. If your goal is to eventually separate from the business, a unique brand identity is essential.

Makes your business memorable

When your brand identity is expressed with consistency, you open the door to marketing magic.

Presenting a cohesive identity across every consumer touchpoint strengthens your brand’s perceived position.

This differentiation allows you to create awareness and instant recognition amongst your target market, embedding your message into people’s minds (in a totally non-creepy way, of course!).

Builds customer loyalty

Emotions drive buying decisions, so connecting with consumers via shared values is key. It’s all about boosting that “know, like and trust” factor so people see your brand as a credible authority in the marketplace. This kind of status is invaluable. It can even protect your brand from damage caused by crazy rumours, controversy or crisis.

You want to build a bond with your customers so they keep coming back for more.

A strong brand identity helps people feel like they can rely on you.

It provides a sense of belonging and community that goes way beyond the practical features of a product for fostering meaningful relationships.

Earns you a price premium

Perceived value is everything when it comes to driving revenue, and that’s what a strong brand identity does best! If you build a story or spark a feeling that hits the hearts of consumers, you can charge more for products or services that don’t have many (if any!) tangible differentiators.

That is the power of emotion over logic.

Think of Gucci and other high-end fashion brands. People are willing to pay extortionate prices for their clothing and accessories because they want to experience the feelings of pride, status and sophistication that come from aligning themselves with a progressive, premium and influential brand.

Thanks to Gucci’s consistent efforts with brand identity, the logo carries all that weight and meaning by itself – and this reduces friction during the sales process (making it an easy “yes” for consumers!).

In fact, some identities and logos are so well established that you could remove a section of them and everyone would still recognise the brand:

Attracts top talent

The same sort of principle applies to bringing in high-quality candidates. People like to feel part of something special. They want to work for companies that are inspiring, innovative and successful.

If you want to have extraordinary potential employees knocking on your door, investing in your brand identity is crucial.

In this digital era where job seekers are “more sophisticated shoppers,” talent acquisition managers aiming to hire top-calibre candidates will have to differentiate themselves from the competition by positioning their organisation as a digital leader and creating a strong employer brand identity. (Forbes)

Finding your identity

So, if you’re struggling with symptoms of weak brand identity, like internal confusion, lacklustre leadership and low-quality leads – hit us up!

We can help nail down the essence of your brand so you can apply it to everything that you communicate and create. Get in touch today to find out more.


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