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Reskill? Why not skill in the first place?

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The government expects the arts, leisure and hospitality industries to retrain in technology, despite failing to provide even basic IT teaching within the UK’s schools.

Our response to the ‘fury over governments campaign’ which in our eyes is just the tip of the iceberg for the future of the tech industry.

You may have seen a recent campaign relaunched by the government after it initially being launched in 2019. With an aim to reskill people from different professions in cyber, the insensitivity of their campaign has caused it to be taken down already amid the backlash. The first of a series of campaign posters was uploaded on Monday featuring a ballet dancer, Fatima, suggesting that she reskill in cyber. In our view, this is much worse than a 404 Error!

Not only is the country already mentally drained by the fluctuating economy and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the arts, leisure and creative industries have been crushed to say the least this year.

This advert not only suggests that Fatima give up the profession she has been training for, potentially all her life to reskill to cyber, but also suggests that our very own government has given up any hope for the return of her industry. How long would it actually take Fatima to reskill to the point where she would have sufficient qualifications to practically apply for IT roles?

For us as Revolution Four this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the governments’ lacklustre approach to tech. For some time now we have worked in partnership with the Liverpool Enterprise Provision helping to bridge the gap between schools and employers. This role has not only allowed us to understand more about the curriculum but the problems schools face when trying to make any changes to a very antiquated system.

Although we understand that there is a need for cyber now this is a much bigger problem that needs to be addressed with the children of our future. As a tech business, we found it astonishing that in today’s world, IT isn’t even a mandatory subject for GCSE and tech learnt before GCSE comprises of things such as copy and paste and colouring in on Excel! (the designer in me gets palpitations hearing information like this). With the current crop of GCSE subjects, Fatima may have more luck becoming an historian.

Yet now the government are crying out for people to work in cyber! Engaging the people of our future in tech at a young age would be the first step towards building the infrastructure we need to survive in today’s world.

The infuriation of children not being taught tech led us to collaborate with the LEP to set up a Coding Camp with a local school. It was welcomed by children and teachers alike but we hit a wall when it came to having staff from the school on site (for insurance purposes) by higher powers as, ‘it wasn’t mandatory to tick the boxes needed for the school within their nationally recognised scoring systems’.

We agree that this campaign is poorly timed, executed with no consideration and delivered offensively but the much bigger picture highlighted here is the inadequate education of children at early ages to prepare them for the world of tech we live in today, an industry growing faster than any other.

We would love to see the UK government act on its suggestion of tech training and start at the very beginning with our existing teaching infrastructure; schools.

Source: Evening Standard – Fury over government campaign suggesting ballet dancer could retrain in cyber security


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