Why Travel Incentives are a Real Bonus for Your Team

Why Travel Incentives are a Real Bonus for Your Team


How do you reward your team for their hard work and innovation throughout the year? Many of us are sceptical about how to celebrate the work we do with incentives, however there is no doubt that these matter greatly to your people on the front line. We are constantly evaluating how to get the most from our gifted Rev Four gang, coming up with different ways to reward them with more than just commission. It’s time to do battle with your Finance Director and prove exactly why a Team Holiday is a highly effective use of funds.

We recently headed out to the stunning Las Clusaz in the French Alps for our annual Ski Trip in the winter sunshine – taking some of our staff on a long weekend to remember! These yearly trips have become a real highlight of our calendar where we take the opportunity to reward success and say a huge thank you to our most achieving & enthusiastic team players.

We have seen significant short and long term benefits from these fun fuelled trips. From increasing eagerness to retaining the best talent. Travel Incentives are a quirky and informal way of showing your staff that you actually care. In contrast to cash bonuses, a trip away is so much more than a simple transaction; It shows how much you are invested in your team as people and not just numbers.

Following an entertaining weekend on the slopes, we return to our hub this morning with refreshed morale as well as a loyal team who continue to promote our creative & imaginative culture. As we look ahead to a lively year with our new and existing clients, we are even more optimistic about achieving new goals alongside a group of people we can be exceptionally proud of.

If you’re considering making incentive travel the latest addition to your company benefits, we implore you to book a mini break in the diary- it might just give you some truly astonishing outcomes! For us it continues to be a magical way of making our jobs even more enjoyable, whilst nurturing one of the most useful, disruptive and passionate teams in the business.


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