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Why We’re Google Analytics Certified


Google Analytics is the most widely used analytical tool on the web. If used correctly it can help both the biggest and smallest business make the most out of their marketing efforts and initiatives. Since it’s a free service anybody can use Google Analytics and it only takes a couple of minutes to sign up.

The primary purpose of Google Analytics is to track and report how users browse a website. You can find out how long users spend on your website, what pages they visit, how many pages they visit, where they’re located, what type of phone they’re using etc. Not all of the data will be useful to a business but buried amongst it all could be vital information on what is and isn’t working with their website.

Our own web designer Luke recently became Google Analytics certified after passing Google’s official exam.

“Studying for the exam was really useful as it brought to my attention some more advanced and easy to miss features that I wasn’t aware of. It’s all about learning how to read the analytics in such a way that you can use the information to make adjustments to a website. Improving the experience for the user.”

Google Analytics is also a vital tool for digital marketing campaigns.You might be paying for a listing on a website or putting funds towards sponsored ads on social media. Either way you’re going to want to ensure your investment is worthwhile and results in traffic to your website and conversions. Using acquisition reports and goals on Google Analytics you can easily measure how effective your latest marketing initiative has been.

If you fancy learning more about Google Analytics and finding out how it can help your business you can do so using Google’s Analytics Academy.


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