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Why Your Photography Could be Losing You Sales


In a market that is saturated with countless products and options for consumers to choose from, it’s imperative that your listing stands out to achieve sales, to separate yourself from the competition and be recognised by potential buyers.

Photographs have more of an impact on consumers than the most well written product description, a photograph makes a lasting impression on shoppers and since most of the information that is transmitted to the brain is visual, it makes sense to ensure the product you’re promoting is appealing, evokes the correct emotion and secures attention.

Some websites have set specifications for imagery and our photographer can provide these for you to add straight onto your listing. By spending more time perfecting your product imagery, you can increase your sales and ensure a good return on investment.

By increasing the product imagery of an online listing, you also increase; the trust a potential customer puts into a seller, the feeling of assurance that the product is authentic, the better an understanding of the product being listed, the chances of potential buyers adding it to their basket.

67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is very important

There is nothing more suspicious than a listing of a product with only one image which is low quality – it automatically raises a red flag and brings lots of questions into the audiences’ minds such as; is this product genuine? How secure is this listing? What does the product look like from another angle? Will the listing reflect the product I receive?

Product photography directly affects clicks and conversions – ensure you’re not missing out on sales by using a professional photographer to capture the best of your products.

Professional imagery on social platforms such as Facebook can see a 353% increase in brand engagement

If you cannot afford to invest in professional photography, some tips and tricks that can help you polish your online listings are;

  • Ensure you have a ‘Hero’ image of the product against a white background, if possible this should include several angles of the product.
  • Ensure the images of your product are high quality – make sure there is no pixilation of the image or any deformation due to dimension manipulation.
  • Ensure no filter is put on the image – this will reduce the amount of feedback which states the product is not true to its advertisement. By adding filters onto photos, the colour and texture of a product can change meaning the image is not a true representation of the product.
  • Try including a lifestyle photography of the product being used, this will evoke thoughts of the potential buyer using the product and will encourage them to purchase it for their own use.
  • If the product has several parts or requires an assembly, try including a graphic of the product which displays this. (high quality assembly graphics can usually be found from the manufacturer / supplier).
  • Ensure the photograph is not cropped or that any of the product is falling off the image.


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