Why your website shouldn’t be perfect


Any designer, developer, inventor or entrepreneur will know that making something perfect can extend its development process exponentially. There’s always something that can be improved upon and once that’s done there’ll be something else. The cycle will forever repeat itself.

Something should certainly work before it’s published or released but does it need to be perfect? No. If everybody waited for something to be perfect before unveiling it, we wouldn’t have anything. We wouldn’t have cars, computers or homes.

The pursuit of perfection is something that should also be ignored when it comes to building a website. Your main focus should be on working out your goals and then figuring out how to achieve them.

For example, most of our clients have the primary goal to increase sales. When making decisions regarding the website you should consider whether they bring the site close to achieving that goal. A pixel perfect piece of graphic design can look great but it can be time consuming to create. That time might be better off studying the user journey and creating a simple solution to help your website get conversions.

Once you feel a website can achieve your goals you should get it live. Alternatively you could hold off and spend the next month trying to perfect the site. Perhaps by ensuring every image is exactly how you want it and every bit of detail is correct. However, while you’re working on these details during the development stage your website isn’t adding value to your company. It’s not making sales or helping you with exposure, which a live website would, even if it isn’t quite perfect. You can work on the details that make your website look great but aren’t compulsory to its purpose while the site is live.

You also won’t receive any customer feedback on your website until it is live. Ultimately it is your consumer who will decide whether your website is successful or not. If you choose to launch a website a month later than it could have been launched you are a month behind on learning about how your consumer uses it. This delays your ability to optimise the experience and potentially increase conversions.

What should you do?

Focus on the tasks that will help your website to achieve your goals. The finer details, which will often increase both the price and time of a project, can always be worked on later. A website that is good enough and live is worth more to your company than the perfect website constantly stuck in the development cycle.

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