Wirral Wolves on the hunt for Entrepreneurs


We’re delighted to announce that the Wirral Wolves are back for 2021 and on the hunt for budding entrepreneurs.

Inspired by TV’s Dragon’s Den, Nik, Justine & their team are inviting people to pitch their fledgling businesses or ideas to them.  In return for a stake in the company, they are willing to invest cash, the assets of their group and their own personal time & effort to exponentially boost the business.

Nik said “We’re really looking for businesses that will benefit strongly from myself & Justine’s experience, contacts & acumen rather than just a straight cash investment.”  They are keen to find something they can enhance with their skill sets, adding value to a brand, in particular with digital expertise.  Justine explained “Rather than simply investing, we like working with people who can benefit from our connections, business acumen & technology assets.”  They site that the personality of the entrepreneur is extremely important to them.  Nik said, “We want to see drive, a good work ethic, passion; someone who has the attitude & ethos, after all skills can be taught.”

They are looking to invest in passionate people from the Wirral & beyond, at any stage of their business journey, from the concept / idea stage through to businesses that have started trading and are looking for that catalyst to take them to the next level.  It can be a unique idea, an emerging company, a clever invention, useful technology; they are open-minded provided it is something that they see potential in.

If & when a deal is struck, it will remain an unwritten agreement until all parties have completed their due diligence checks.  It will also depend upon the open & honest discussions & commitment to making a deal happen.  Depending on the deal, legal advisors may be required on one or both sides.

Having spent his formative years in hospitality & the motor industry, Nik has an esteemed reputation as a businessman for over two decades, often enhancing solid businesses with technology.  He loves problem solving.  Justine also has background in hospitality & digital.  She brings a unique blend of creativity, an intense work ethic and out-of-the-box thinking to ‘wow’ clients.  Together they have a formidable reputation in business on the Wirral.

In the first instance, we’d love to hear a little bit about you & your business – if you’d like to apply please fill in this form.


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