Wirral Wolves

Nik & Justine are delighted to announce our investment program, Wirral Wolves. Inspired by TV’s Dragon’s Den, they are looking for superstar business owners, budding entrepreneurs & solution-solving inventors, who are aiming to take their businesses to the next level.

Wirral Business Investment Program

Historically we’ve achieved this with financial backing plus personal investment, similar to a non-executive director. Having founded & run several companies across differing sectors, we have a wide range of experience of the typical pitfalls of a business together with the ability to identify areas to expedite growth.

We’d prefer a company or individual that we can genuinely add value to, not simply invest cash. We have a wide range of resources & business assets that can help to shortcut business growth whilst reducing costs. We can bring cutting edge technical & digital systems to the table, digital marketing prowess and growth strategies. Our black book has many useful business community contacts throughout the UK & beyond. We apply similar formulas to an investment as we do to our own successful business, some of which are now trading internationally & turning over multi-million pound incomes per annum.

It is important to us to have a great fit, so we can’t invest in everyone, just those where we feel we can make a huge difference.

In the first instance, let’s talk. If you fill out this brief form & we’ll be in contact to arrange a chat over a socially distanced coffee or Zoom if you’d prefer.  We will not spam you or sell your data onwards.