Work on projects alongside us – National Apprenticeship Week


This week recognises National Apprenticeship week. Due to the current stipulations and us having to keep our offices closed we reluctantly can’t invite local budding designers and entrepreneurs to join us in the office for a week of inspiring projects, creative brainstorming and industry knowledge. This is a week we take pride in and thoroughly enjoy seeing the development of the apprentices and young individuals we get involved.

As always here at Revolution Four we see a challenge and adapt it where possible to allow us to keep moving forward. This year we have adapted our usual workbooks into a downloadable online document. These workbooks focus on:

These workbooks give children the opportunity to work on projects within an area of specialism and work alongside a team of industry professions via email on the same projects we would have worked on in house. With support from all of us on the team, we will provide support, feedback and work on your project with you.

This online workbook not only opens your mind to different aspects of industry roles but also develops a portfolio of work for you to use in future endeavours, as well as feedback from us at the end and for your chance to be featured on our website and socials once your workbook is complete.

The benefits of this only format allow you to work through the projects in your own time. We have set aside the ability to work with you for 4 weeks, taking you right through to March 8th. When in normal circumstances you would work on one, why not try your hand at a few workbooks and build your portfolio with expert help and guidance.

If you have any questions, please email and one of the team will come back to you. If you want to jump straight in – enter your email address below and receive the workbooks straight to your inbox.

So, what are you waiting for, download, print out and get working…

Good luck and let’s get creative!


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